Joel Capillo

Curriculum Vitae

My goal as a web developer is to deliver highly maintainable and scalable web applications through documentation, collaboration with team mates and web development best practices.

Certifications / Education

Bachelor Of Science In Electrical Engineering

1995 - 2000

ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service



AAXIS Commerce

Front End Software Engineer

  • Working on a huge responsive implementation project of a leading E-commerce site.


Senior Web Developer

  • Redesigned and rebuilt the most popular tool in DTV Agent Answer Center, the Channel Line-up Tool. Improvement results in faster search capability thus increases customer agents’ efficiency in customer problems resolution .
  • Introduced front end unit testing to the team using QUnit as the main testing suite. This significantly increases the quality of code being delivered.
  • Built web development toolkits that fully automate the processes of updating the data source for all the web applications we maintained and built. One example is the data source automation of Daily Sports Event Application resulting in the efficient update process and maintainability.
  • Introduced the use of AngularJS as a front end framework for building new tools and revamping existing ones. Built most web applications in AngularJS such as Package Compare, Troubleshooting Tool, etc.
  • Initiated Continuous Integration by installing Jenkins and automation for our unit testing and web development process.
  • Introduced the use of Git version control on our web development workflow. Set-up the system which connects the Git repository to the Jenkins server resulting in the automation of critical processes such as unit testing, linting, image optimization, etc.

Internet Brands

Web Developer

  • Involved as both a front end and back end developer for Fitday.
  • Rebuilt the administration section of Fitday using AngularJS and Symfony PHP framework.
  • Implement unit testing with Yii PHP framework using Codeception test suite.
  • Lead the development for a hotel review Vbulletin plugin on Flyertalk.
  • Implement Sphinx search engine on both and
  • Built’s hotel review backend on Yii with Memcache and Sphinx search engine.
  • Lead the integration of Yii framework and Vbulletin API.

IT Source Corp.

Senior Web Developer

  • Built an internal cloud storage application like "Dropbox" using Backbone.js and Yii framework.
  • Built internal tools for invoicing, cdr records, call records etc.
  • Create API's to be used by engineers to query database for call records and accounts.
  • Help built a file-sharing web application where users can be sellers and buyers. Mainly responsible for the membership and e-commerce side of the system.
  • Built and maintain company websites and internal tools in Yii PHP framework and Kohana. Most recent is the Emajee website.

Personal Projects

Password Strength Directive in AngularJs ( Github Project Repository )

A Password Strength Directive for your AngularJs project.

US States App ( Github Project Repository )

An AngularJs and Node.js demo application that list all the US states. Also a user can login to leave a message on a guest book.

My Todays Gospel ( Project Link )

A responsive web application that keep tracks of the daily Roman Catholic gospel and deliver to the user's email.

World Currency Converter ( Project Link )

A world currency converter web application built using AngularJS, responsive Bootstrap and Symfony PHP framework.

Instastream ( Github Project Repository )

Built to stream most recently uploaded pictures in Instagram using photo tags.

Chatsoul ( Github Project Repository )

A PHP chat application powered by Websync comet server where users can create instant disposable chatrooms without creating an account.


HTML, CSS, Symfony, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, Jquery, JSON, Git, SVN, Memcache, Sphinx, Ajax, Mysql, Facebook API, Authorize.Net, Paypal API, PHP, Yii, Vbulletin, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Jquery Mobile, Ajax Frameworks, Google API, YUI, Prototype, Git, Version Control, Tridion CMS, Jenkins, Ant, VB.Net